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Hirebotics Selects Universal Robots to Power the BotX Welder, Addressing Skilled Welder Shortage

Hirebotics BotX
August 26, 2019

Nowhere in manufacturing is the shortage of labor felt as urgently as in the welding sector, which is now facing an acute shortage of welders nationwide. The industry’s hiring challenge, combined with the struggle metal fabrication companies experience in producing quality parts quickly and in small runs, prompted Hirebotics to develop the BotX Welder

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ATI F/T Sensors Give Hirebotics a Better Feel for the Job

Robotics Tomorrow
April 25, 2019

Hirebotics understands that an automation solution is much more than purchasing new equipment. Their business model enables customers to hire a robot, trained and ready, to perform a job just as they would a contract employee.

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Michigan factory using robot workers in wake of U.S. labor shortage

NBC Nightly News
August 4, 2018

Pioneer Metal Finishing has hired two robots, paying them each an hourly wage, for labor-intensive jobs that once belonged to people.

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Hirebotics’ New Cobot Welder, Powered by Beacon™, Delivers Advanced Robot Welding Via Easy-to-Use Smartphone Application

April 21, 2021

Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder, Powered by BeaconTM, is a complete, user-friendly collaborative robot (cobot) welding system that enables painless automated welding deployments. “The Cobot Welder is a major leap forward in easy-to-use welding automation that combines industrial grade robot welding functionality with consumer level ease-of-use and a phenomenal price point,” says Rob Goldiez, Cofounder and CEO, Hirebotics.

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TOP STORY: DuraTech celebrates $7.5 million expansion; La Crosse printing company to add 125 jobs

La Crosse Tribune
June 20, 2018

DuraTech’s Paul Hatlem and Tim Drey show Gov. Scott Walker the manufacturer’s new automated visual inspection system Wednesday during a tour of the company’s $7.5 million expansion.

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Automate Nearly Anything with Universal Robots

August 6, 2017

While some would argue that the Washington Post has largely become a factory for politically motivated fluff pieces, yesterday there was actually an insightful article about how robotics are taking factory jobs in America that just can’t be filled. This is a drastically different story than what we’ve been told about robots stealing jobs from people.

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Rise of the Machines

Washington Post
August 5, 2017

The workers of the first shift had just finished their morning cigarettes and settled into place when one last car pulled into the factory parking lot, driving past an American flag and a “now hiring” sign. Out came two men, who opened up the trunk, and then out came four cardboard boxes labeled “fragile.”

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Universal Robots solves production challenges in Creating Revolutions’ assembly line

Electronic Design
June 22, 2017

Find out how a multi-tasking, cloud-connected collaborative robot assembles a Communication Disc for Miami based startup Creating Revolutions. The small robot handles both soldering, drilling and silicone dispensing reducing double-digit rejects to near zero.

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Robots for Hire

The Fabricator
March 24, 2017

A company has introduced a new way for a fabricator to use automation: not by investing in a permanent system, but by hiring them and paying for their use by the hour. The technology behind collaborative robotics is making this possible.

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Turning Out the Lights on the Factory Floor

Automation World
February 22, 2017

Will the factory of the future be completely automated, with only the proverbial man and a dog—the man to feed the dog and the dog to keep the man from touching anything? It’s hard to tell at this stage in technology development, but it’s absolutely true that more and more production processes, if not entire factories, are running with limited human interaction.

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How a two-man startup in Nashville is running the world's first robot rental company

Tech Republic
November 8, 2016

Out of a small garage in Nashville, TN, Matt Bush and Rob Goldiez have introduced a spin into how companies can start automating: They're renting out robots for hire.

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Can Automation Be Easy and Affordable for Everyone?

Robotiq Blog
June 23, 2016

Hirebotics is a US company based in Nashville Tennessee. Their mission is "To make automation easy, affordable and within the grasp of manufacturers across all industries and of every size and type."

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Hire a UR robot – pay for it by the hour

Universal Robots
June 8, 2016

What if you could pay for automation the same as you do for a temporary employee? What if you only had to pay for the actual hours worked and with no upfront costs or outlays of capital?

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Could Hirebotics Be the Hertz of Robot Rentals?

Robotics Business Review
April 29, 2016

When Warren Avis in 1948 began the car rental company that bore his last name, John Hertz and his pioneering “Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System” already had had a twenty-five year head start. Matt Bush and Rob Goldiez, co-founders and principals of the world’s first robot rental startup company, Hirebotics, may well become the Hertz of robot rentals, but probably won’t get to enjoy the luxury of a quarter century head start before any competitors try to pull an Avis on them.

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Cobot Welder from Hirebotics includes all necessary hardware, software

The Fabricator
June 4, 2021

Hirebotics has introduced the Cobot Welder, Powered by BeaconTM, a simple-to-use collaborative robot welding system. Ready to use out of the box, the unit comes with all the hardware and software required for automated welding...

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Welding Robots Programmable with a Smartphone App

Automation World
June 22, 2021

The new Cobot Welder system from Hirebotics, featuring Universal Robots’ UR10e collaborative robot, can be programmed with Hirebotics’ Beacon smartphone app, eliminating the need for programming skills.

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