Case Studies

IMS Leverages Cobot Welder to Maintain Production Despite Welder Shortage

Industrial Manufacturing Services (IMS) had difficulty finding manual welders to meet the growing demand for parts. While production was high, the team couldn’t find enough welders to do the jobs.

With initial experience with traditional welding robots, they decided to try Cobot Welder. Their skepticism towards this technology soon dissipated once they tried it out. 


Advanta Southeast LLC increases output by 400% with Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder

Based in South Carolina, Advanta Southeast LLC is a division of Advanta Industries.

Facing labor issues, they were hesitant about implementing traditional welding robots due to the long lead times to receive the equipment, training welders to use it, and above all, the complexities of programming the machines.

They then tried Cobot Welder...