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You Can Use
From Day 1

Powered by Beacon, Cobot Welder empowers your entire shop. 

No programming jargon. 

Make repeatable welds in just a few clicks.

Struggling with backlogs, but every
automation solution you try is too complex?

Is the skilled welder shortage making it difficult to hire and retain quality welders?

Are you dreading your backlogs and turning down work as you struggle to meet the demand?

Are weld defects and rework causing bottlenecks and profit loss in your business?

Cobot Welder + = Welding
Automation That Just Works!

Beacon Lets You Program The Cobot Welder With Your Phone or Tablet

Forget coordinate systems, plans, TCPs, and XYZs. Your welders know WFS, arc length, and torch angles, not programming jargon. 

Beacon is a smartphone app that uses plain shop language to teach the Cobot Welder without robotic knowledge. Beacon lets your welders program our cobot in minutes. Often, in less than 1 minute!

Simply enter the weld parameters in the app and manually guide the cobot. Beacon automatically populates the weld points by pressing the teach button. No teach pendant and specialist knowledge required!

Drastically Boost The Output Of Your Existing Welders

The welder shortage isn’t going away soon. But, you can scale the output of your current welding team. 

Our Cobot Welder can weld far faster than any human (up to 90 IPM), dramatically boosting your welding capacity. Add in the near-total elimination of rework, and your shop can scale like never before. No human can match the sheer output of our Cobot Welder, especially after the fatigue kicks in on large-batch jobs.

“We went from 25 parts to 100 parts a day within a matter of just a few hours after we set up the first unit. So, it increased our output to 400% compared with manual welding.”

- Mark Moye, Advanta Southeast.


Maintain Consistent High-Quality Production

Manual welding leaves room for error, especially in repetitive jobs. Our Cobot Welder always makes precisely the same weld as set by the operator. It doesn’t just scale output, it scales quality. Never deal with excessive rework from weld defects again. You can almost entirely eliminate profit loss and bottlenecks from inconsistent welding.

“In addition to decreasing production times, we have increased the reliability and uniformity of each part.”

- Ernest Key, Athena Manufacturing

Maximize Welding, Minimize Using The Software

Beacon is so intuitive that you can run your first weld in minutes, even if you aren’t a welder! 

Welding makes you money, not using the software. Beacon eliminates the clutter and robotic jargon, allowing your welders to use the cobot immediately. You can edit existing parts and create new ones in mere minutes without the programming being a production bottleneck.

“We had welders learn how to use Cobot Welder in about half an hour. Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder has allowed us to let non-welders operate the machine. They don’t need to learn the programming language.”

- Matt Blowers, IMS


Enjoy Maximum Versatility And Take Your Shop To The Next Level

Cobot Welder can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other commonly welded materials.

Reduce rework and skyrocket your welding output. Cut costs and earn more—it's a win-win all around! 

“One of the biggest benefits that we've seen from buying Cobot Welder is our ability to go after contracts that we weren't able to get before. I would tell anybody if they're on the fence or questioning it, go for it. They won't regret it.”

- Mark Moye, Advanta Southeast.

Cobot Welder Versions 

Cobot Welder UR10e Version

The OG Cobot Welder for standard parts.It offers a reach of 51" with a Miller welding package.

Cobot Welder UR20 Version

More reach for larger parts or multiple parts setups. It offers a reach of 68.9" and a Miller welding package.

ESAB Cobot UR10e/UR20

UR Cobot with a heavy industrial pulsed power source, Aristo 500iX, and the RobustFeedU82 from ESAB.

What is included in the Cobot Welder Package?

Group 56-1
  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot (51" reach) OR the UR20 (68.9" reach)

  • Miller Auto DeltaWeld™ 350 OR ESAB Aristo 500iX w/ Robust Feed U82

  • Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding torch OR Air-cooled Aristo RT Robotic Torch 72G (water-cooled as an option)

  • Powered by beacon logo

  • Hirebotics' Smart Puck for hands-on teaching

  • 48" x 32" assembled cart (table options)

  • Operator panel with an emergency stop

Always Ready To Weld - Safeguarding Your Cobots

Group 40


Total Coverage Of Your Cobot Welder Eliminates Downtime.
With BeaconCare, inspired from AppleCare, get 24/7 support, discounted non-warranty repairs (50% off), and loaner equipment. Until your cobot is up and running, you’ll get a loaner replacement to keep your team producing

Group 39


Experience ROI Right Away. 
Our Try-Before-You-Buy program requires only a 2-month minimum commitment, includes on-site training (min. 4-month commitment), and lets you use 50% of rental fees for purchase later on (up to 6 months). You can rent Miller and ESAB systems with a UR10e or a larger UR20 cobot.

Group 37 (1)


All Hirebotic’s Cobot Solutions Include an Ironclad Warranty.
3-Year warranty on the welder and the wire feeder. 2-Year warranty on everything else, including the UR Cobot.

Group 36 (1)


Get Started With Our Financing Options. 
Besides Try-Before-You-Buy, we offer a financing option to help you skyrocket your fabrication.

Read our case studies and learn how we 
helped other companies reach their goals

Clip path group (13)

Vortex Companies Reduces Overtime Hours and Increases Profits with Cobot Welder

View Case Study
Clip path group (14)

IMS Leverages Cobot Welder to Maintain Production Despite Welder Shortage

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Clip path group (15)

Athena Manufacturing Produces Sophisticated Components 70% Faste

View Case Study

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule a demo

You'll find out if the Cobot Welder is a good fit for your fabrication business. You'll also learn how to use the Beacon app and see how simple it is!

2. Setup your cobot

In 2 weeks, you'll receive your Cobot Welder and start welding before the end of the day.

3. Boost productivity

The Cobot Welder will now take care of your repetitive welding jobs, while you can focus on scaling your business!

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Want to learn more
about welding cobots?

Learn about insights, best practices, and actionable steps to automate your welding operations with collaborative robots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ROI can Cobot Welder provide to my shop?

Depending on your production factors, cobots can 2-10X your fabrication productivity. Most shops see 2-4X the production output, saving them significant labor hours and freeing their staff to work manually on tasks that matter the most. Read our case studies to get a better idea of just how powerful cobots can be.

Can I weld aluminum with the Cobot Welder?

Yes, you can! Just like you would MIG weld aluminum manually, with a few settings and accessory adjustments, and you can produce high-quality aluminum welds. See more information here.

Will Cobot Welder weld my parts?

Our Cobot Welder can complete most repetitive welding tasks, but the part suitability depends on the part size, material type, and more. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to us for a demo so we can best assess your application needs.

How fast can I weld with a Cobot Welder?

The cobot's maximum speed is approximately 39 inches per second (1 meter). However, when welding, the Cobot Welder can weld up to 90 inches per minute. This is extremely fast—far faster than a human can weld, giving you extremely low heat input and maximum productivity.

However, if you need to weld faster, contact us so we can better understand your needs.

Can I replace manual TIG welding with the Cobot Welder?

Indeed! We have a great article explaining how one of our clients got TIG-quality welds with the Cobot Welder. 

They were able to speed up their TIG welding from 2 to 5 inches a minute up to 20 inches a minute! 😲🤯

This enabled them to clear their daunting backlog in just a few weeks!

Learn more about their experience here!

What type of support do you offer?

Our in-app chat support is built right into the Beacon interface! On average, we respond in 2 minutes directly in your Beacon app.

Do I need to buy the Cobot Welder to see if my fab shop will benefit from it?

You don't need to! After our demonstration, you can enter our rent-to-own program and fully commit once you are ready.

What is the lead time for getting the Cobot Welder?

Generally, our lead time is approximately 2 weeks from receiving your PO. Reach out to us anytime about our current lead time if you need a system sooner!

What do I need to know about safety when cobot welding?

While cobots have numerous safety features built-in and do not require safety cages like traditional automation, there are some important safety items to keep in mind when cobot welding.

Most importantly and just like manual welding, your welders need proper PPE.  You'll also want to make sure you protect your welders with arc flash protection like you do for your manual weld stations.  And don't forget fume extraction.