Beacon empowers the shop floor by allowing everyone to wield the power of cobots.

Cobot tech sounds great, but “ease-of-use”
doesn’t always translate to intuitive and widely accessible.

Struggling to meet the demand due to the skilled labor shortage?

Does achieving higher quality and less rework seem unattainable?

Have you tried robot/cobot solutions only to be put off by the high learning curve?

Do cobots seem not flexible enough due to the software you must use for every part batch?


Industry-First, Beacon Lets You Teach The Cobot Welder With Your Phone or Tablet

Your fabricators have the skills, Beacon lets them scale their use. 

Most of your highly productive shop tools are intuitive. Cobots should be too. Beacon eliminates the programming and coordinate systems, and uses an intuitive interface everyone can master in hours, not days. Beacon is a robust, smartphone-based platform that lets you teach your cobots with ease and remotely monitor and modify your tasks. 

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Application Focused Teaching

Beacon interface is focused on the weld/cut path, WFS, stickout, and similar settings critical for fabrication. Your staff speaks shop language, not programming jargon. Combining supported Cobot Solutions with Beacon produces completely intuitive automated systems your employees can leverage right away.

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Monitoring and Reporting

Beacon platform allows easy real-time monitoring and reporting of your cobots. You can quickly chart your data, read logs, view notifications, and more. Beacon also has full browser support, giving you a bird’s eye desktop view. It’s never been simpler to have a clear grasp on the state of your cobot application and productivity.


Troubleshooting and Support

With our comprehensive Beacon guides and quick-to-respond in-app support, you will never be left hanging. You can get help from our software and welding specialists for anything that comes up with Beacon use.


Cobot Solutions For Metal Fabrication
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Welding with Beacon

Beacon simplifies setting up the weld with your Cobot Welder. Using the Cobot's teach button, record the weld path in the Beacon app for your linear, radial, tack, stitch, and rotary welds. Then, adjust weld settings, like the arc length and travel speed. And… That’s it! You are all set for repeatable weld execution. Your operators can repeat this process to teach your Cobot Welder whenever it’s necessary to switch to another part batch. 

Cutting with Beacon

Beacon lets you teach your Cobot Cutter to perform linear, radial, and rotary plasma cuts with absolute precision. No matter how skilled an operator, manual plasma can’t match automated cut quality. With Beacon, your fabricators can apply the Cobot Cutter all day long, batch after batch, with minimal cobot teaching for each cut setup.

Read our case studies and learn how we helped other companies reach their goals.

Clip path group (13)

Advanta Southeast LLC increases output by 400%

Clip path group (14)

Vortex Companies reduces overtime hours & increases profits

Clip path group (15)

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Inc. experiences 10X production boost


Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Choose Your Application

Whether you want to automate your cutting or welding processes, Beacon is here to ensure a smooth transition

2. Schedule a Demo

You'll find out if our Cobot Solutions are a good fit for your fabrication tasks and learn how to use the Beacon app. You’ll see firsthand just how easy it is to use the Beacon platform.

3. Enjoy the Power
of Beacon

Beacon will become an invaluable tool in your shop. Your operators will never have to struggle with cobot deployment again. Need a new batch? Beacon is the first point of contact.

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