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Automation is Hard!

Operators of manufacturing businesses know that automation is hard.  The simplest of projects can cost over $100K in initial capital investment.  Projects require some level of sophistication around how robots work, what robot is the proper solution, and how to deal with part presentation (which should not be underestimated!).  And then, once you have your automation solution deployed, you have to either have a small staff to handle maintenance issues or pay fees to third-party integrators to do this work when needed.

These, among other reasons, can put automation out of reach of most manufacturers.

So we got to thinking....

Every company knows how to hire people. What if automation could be as simple as hiring a person.  And so we set out to create our solution to this problem—Hirebotics: Cloud connected robots for hire.

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Our Mission

To make automation easy, affordable and within the grasp of manufacturers across all industries and of every size and type.

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Our team has deep experience in manufacturing, operations management, software and hardware development,  and robotics and automation.  We are passionate about helping manufacturers improve their competitiveness through technology.  

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