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Welding Cobots So Easy, No Experts Needed!

At Hirebotics, we strive to develop new automation solutions, such as our Cobot Welder, to address the labor shortage by empowering your actual welders to program and work with the welding cobot!

Don't trade your problem of finding skilled welders for finding robot programmers. Our app-based welding cobot enables ALL of your welders to take advantage of automation.

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Hirebotics Over The Years

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Company Created

Hirebotics co-founders Matthew Bush and Rob Goldiez had an itching feeling that automation could be made easier.

They founded Hirebotics with a "Robotics-As-A-Service" business model in mind.


BotX: First Pay-By-The-Hour Welding Cobot

After deciding to focus on the welding application, they introduce BotX a cloud-connected welding cobot using a mobile app to program following their RAAS business.

(Now only available through Red-D-Arc, their partner.)


Cobot Welder: A New Easy & Affortable Welding Cobot

Leveraging their experience, Hirebotics started offering a complete welding solution including their revolutionary cloud-based mobile app at one accessible price.


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