Fabtech Expo 2022 was overall a fantastic event. We had the whole Hirebotics team there to participate and meet with visitors.

Discover more about the event and watch exclusive video content below!

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First Hirebotics booth at Fabtech

Fabtech 2022 marked the first time Hirebotics had its own booth at a tradeshow. It was a great experience; we met hundreds of manufacturers looking to solve their welding production issues.

We had two Cobot Welders at our booth ready for the attendees to try them. We also had one system at Universal Robots' booth.

Moreover, our partner Kinetic Technologies LLC joined us with their rotary table RT1, which integrates perfectly with the Cobot Welder.

Another exciting thing we did at Fabtech was to have a video production team creating content and videos on the fly. We interviewed industry leaders, attendees, and actual customers to get their take on the Cobot Welder.

Here are two observations we made while walking the show (when we had some free time 😉).

Welding is the fastest-growing automation segment.

(according to Universal Robots, #1 cobot brand in the world)

To speak about this, we had the chance to interview Joe Campbell, Head of Marketing in North America, about the industry's state and how cobots impact it.

Welding cobots, welding cobots everywhere!

welding cobots everywhere


Indeed, there were a lot of welding robots and even collaborative welding robots on the show floor. In addition, we saw many new solutions using renowned brands of cobots and even brand-new ones.

One thing that stood out, though, was only a few of those companies were letting people try and teach the cobot live at the show.

At Hirebotics, we love when attendees mess around with our demos!

In this industry where everyone claims their system is easy to use, how can you define if they are easy for you? Well, by actually trying them!

That is our mission at Hirebotics; we don't want to convince you that our Cobot Welders are easy. Instead, we want you to figure it out by yourself.

What makes the Cobot Welder easier to teach? Here is a quick demo made at Fabtech:

Interviews at Fabtech 2022

Next, we had the chance to discuss with many attendees, industry leaders, and customers at the show. They shared their insights about the industry, the role of cobots in welding, and their experience with our Cobot Welder.

Schaffer Manufacturing tries a Cobot Welder at Fabtech

Columbia Energy & Environmental meets Hirebotics at Fabtech 2022

Advanta Industries discuss Cobot Welder with Hirebotics at Fabtech 2022

Canadian Welder Girl Tries a Cobot Welder at Fabtech Expo

Wenger MFG discusses the impact of Cobot Welders on their company


Bonus Videos

Hirebotics has been around since 2015, helping manufacturers automate with cobots. The company, however, experienced some pivots over the years to bring you the Cobot Welder and its Beacon app. We asked Matt, one of the co-founders of Hirebotics, about the backstory of Hirebotics.

Watch it here:


This next bonus video is our partner, Kinetic Technologies, who explains all about their new rotary table RT1 made for welding cobots.

Watch the demo here:


As you may already know, fixturing is essential to success with robotic welding. Many of our clients have benefited from some help with their fixture design because they often lack the time and labor to do it themselves.

Our partner Camtek Optisolution offers innovative fixture design software to simplify and speed up the design process. They also provide fixture-as-a-service.

Let them explain their services here:


We hope you enjoy all the content we created for you at Fabtech Expo 2022. Until next time!

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