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Are you struggling to find skilled welders and looking to keep up with production demands?

Are you experiencing inefficiencies in your welding processes, resulting in poor productivity and output?

Are you frustrated with the complex programming requirements of traditional welding robots that require specialized knowledge and expertise?


Simply turn your existing workers into welding cobot operators.

Welders care about torch angles and weld settings, not TCPs and coordinate systems. Using a phone or tablet, they can simply enter the welding parameters and teach the welds with both hands on the robot— thanks to the Smart Puck.

Discover the ESAB Cobot

What is included in the ESAB Cobot package?



  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
    (51" reach) OR UR20 (68.9" reach)
  • ESAB Aristo 500iX Heavy-Industrial Pulse Welding Power Source, including a RobustFeed U82 wirefeeder.
  • Beacon App for teaching on a smartphone or tablet
  • Smart Puck for smooth cobot hand-guiding
  • Siegmund 48" x 32" welding cart (size options)
  • Operator box with emergency stop for quick program start

We Are Welders Too!

We know what it feels like to lack the workforce you need to achieve your business goals. This is why we believe in empowering the welders you already have on your team.

We are welders too, so we understand how robot programming can be a challenge for your team. This is why our proprietary smartphone app for the ESAB Cobot is a game-changer.

By empowering your welders to teach your welding cobot, they can oversee the setup and production quality and produce more while working on other value-added tasks!

I brought my head welder to the demonstration, one of our shop supervisors, and our operations manager. I think everyone took turns programming the ESAB Cobot within the first 40 minutes. Having personally worked with older style robotics, to teach someone even the fundamentals or programming a robot in 40 minutes is a tall order. The fact that all four of us were able to program the ESAB Cobot in 40 minutes was incredible.

Brett Skyvington
President, Skyvington Manufacturing Inc.

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