Automating TIG Welding with Cobot Welder: 10X Production Boost

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DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Inc.

Real-world applications often speak volumes about the practical benefits of technological advancements. DeAngelo Marine's transition from manual TIG welding to MIG welding  with the help of a cobot demonstrates how automation can greatly improve welding processes.

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust is a leading industry expert in the field of marine exhaust systems. With over four decades of experience, they specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing reliable, high-quality exhaust systems for a wide range of marine vessels such as yachts, commercial ships, and naval vessels. 

The Challenges: Why DeAngelo Decided To Invest in a Welding Cobot

For DeAngelo Marine, the decision to switch was not made lightly. They found themselves grappling with labor shortages and the mounting pressure of pending orders from some of the finest boat builders, naval architects, and engine companies in the world.

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 We’re dealing with some of the finest boat builders, naval architects, and engine companies in the world.  The last thing I want to do is solicit them, promise them the world, get an order for a hundred ship sets, and be two weeks too late.  That’s how to lose an account and never get it back again.  So we’re at an impasse where we’re experiencing some significant growing pains, and it's time to scale up."

Justin Montes
CEO at DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Inc.

While exploring automated solutions, DeAngelo's attempts to find a reliable automated system proved disappointing.

"I had sent out parts to about seven of the big welding companies to see if they can do a demo weld," says Justin, "and a lot of those companies struggled to send me back parts that match our quality."


Implementation: Ease of Introducing and Integrating the Cobot Welder

The turning point arrived when Hirebotics stepped onto the scene with their cobot welding solution. Not only did they promptly return a part demonstrating their welding proficiency, but they also had the team welding parts in a matter of minutes.

"Twenty minutes later, I'm running parts like I've been running robots my whole life," he shared, highlighting the ease and simplicity of the Cobot Welder.


Results: How the Cobot Welder Has Impacted DeAngelo’s Operations

The impact of the Cobot Welder on DeAngelo's operations was immediate and transformative.

Welding Speed Improvement: 2 to 20 inches per minute!

The cobot's ability to perform at a speed of "20 inches a minute" was a significant jump from the "2 to 5 inches a minute if you're good" that manual TIG welding allowed.

This marked increase in speed enabled DeAngelo to clear their daunting backlog in just a few weeks.

Cost Saving and ROI: A Look at the Financial Impact of the Cobot Welder

As for cost savings, Justin shares a compelling example:

"The day that we were installing the cobot we received a large order from the Coast Guard, now that part roughly requires 200 inches of welding altogether. It's five welds that need to be done in a sequence. If I'm using TIG welding by hand that's a hundred minutes to do one, but if I'm doing 20 inches a minute with the cobot that's 10 minutes to do one. That one order paid for my first cobot”

Looking ahead, Justin envisions a future where "our seven lead fabricators have a cobot with a UR arm on all their fabrication tables."

Their experience serves as an instructive blueprint for companies considering investing in a Cobot Welder.

Cobot Welder Delivers 10X Production Boost at DeAngelo Marine Exhaust


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Lessons Learned: What Other Manufacturers Can Learn From DeAngelo Marine Experience

DeAngelo Marine's journey to automate their TIG welding operation offers valuable insights for other manufacturers considering a Cobot Welder. Here are some key takeaways from their experience:

  1. Don't fear change, embrace it: DeAngelo Marine successfully increased their welding speed from a range of 2 to 5 inches per minute to a staggering 20 inches per minute. This dramatic improvement showcases the efficiency that embracing automation can deliver.

  2. Invest in proven, quality tech: DeAngelo Marine tried multiple welding companies before finding a solution that met their high-quality standards. It is crucial to do your due diligence when choosing an automation partner to ensure you're investing in technology that can deliver the desired results.

  3. Fast implementation isn't just a dream: DeAngelo Marine's experience shows that integrating a MIG welding cobot can be quick and seamless. The right technology and support from Hirebotics can streamline the implementation process, saving you time and effort.

  4. Expect fast ROI: The case of DeAngelo Marine shows how automation can quickly pay for itself. With a single large order, the investment in their cobot was justified, revealing the potential for considerable cost savings and productivity gains.

  5. Look ahead and plan for expansion: DeAngelo Marine's future plans to incorporate Hirebotics cobots into all their fabrication tables reveal the scalable nature of automation. Look beyond the immediate benefits and consider how automation can support your long-term growth strategy.

The impressive transformation of DeAngelo Marine from investing in a Cobot Welder shines a bright light on the significant benefits that come with embracing automation in the welding industry. 

With the right approach and technology, automation can significantly enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity in welding processes, delivering tangible business benefits.

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