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Cobot Cutter
For Fabricators,
Not Programmers

Powered by Beacon, everyone can harness the power of the Cobot Cutter from day one!

Struggling with rework and production backlogs
but can’t seem to find a viable automation solution?

 Do you struggle with making consistently accurate plasma cuts?

Feeling overwhelmed with unpredictable bottlenecks and rework?

Did you try automation solutions only to be put off by the software complexity?

Cobot Cutter Brings An Immediate
Revolution To Your Shop


Industry-First, Beacon Lets You Teach The Cobot Cutter With Your Phone or Tablet

Ditch the robotic jargon, XYZs, TCPs, math, and complexities. Oh, and the robot teach pendant? Ditch that too! Beacon allows your fabricator to teach the Cobot Cutter without programming knowledge.

You simply enter the cut parameters in Beacon and teach the cut path by manually guiding the cobot. Beacon will automatically populate the cut path after you press the teach button on the Smart Puck.

Plasma Cutting has never been this simple.

Empower Your Fabricators, Boost Your Productivity

Your fabricators are the foundation of your business. Give them the tool they need to boost their output. 

Cobot Cutter, Powered by Beacon, can cut drastically faster than a human without causing errors and bottlenecks. Switching from manual plasma cutting to our Cobot Cutter is like going from a hand saw to a manual plasma. It’s the next-level tech you need to scale your output today.

“By a hand, you can say a human is traveling at 11-13 inches per minute. We are traveling at anywhere from 100 to 130 inches per minute with this cobot.” - Eric Parmenter, ASME Production Lead, Tank Technology Inc.


Immediately Ready To Cut

You’ll experience a productivity boost from the first hour the system is up and running. It cuts out of the box. 

But most importantly, Beacon is so intuitive that your fabricators can program new parts in mere minutes. Often in less than a minute! Our system has the fastest setup on the market. You can quickly switch from part to part all the time without the cobot teaching being a bottleneck of your business.

“The installation was super easy. The box showed up, we rolled it out of the box, supplied power and internet, downloaded the app, and we were cutting within 4h.” - Dan Church, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Tank Technology Inc.

Cut/Bevel All Metals, Thin And Thick

Cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel alloys, or anything electrically conductive.

Never deal with excessive distortion and heat input again. Cobot Cutter cuts so fast that heat doesn’t get to propagate deep into the material, meaning a narrow HAZ. This benefits thin and thick sections alike. Sheet metal won’t distort. Thick sections won’t have excessive induced stresses, wide HAZ, and will cool faster.


Extreme Accuracy And Repeatability Means More Customers

Skyrocket your productivity, make exceptional quality cuts, and eliminate rework. This three-way combo delivers a massive capability boost and drives growth like nothing else.

Our Cobot Cutter, powered by Beacon, reduces production costs, boosts productivity, and gives you the capacity to handle more business.

“For anyone on the fence of going into cobots welding/cutting… It’s the best decision you’ll ever make. It’s easy. It’s simple. If you can do it by hand, you can do it by a cobot.”
- Dan Church, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Tank Technology Inc.

What is included in the Cobot Cutter Package?

Group 55
  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot (51" reach) OR the UR20 (68.9" reach)

  • Hypertherm SYNC Plasma Cutter

  • Hirebotics' Smart Puck for software-free teaching

  • 48" x 32" welding cart (size options)

  • Operator panel with an emergency stop for quick program start

Maximum Uptime - Protecting Your Cobot Solutions

Group 40


Eliminate Cobot Downtime—Total Coverage Of Your Cobot Cutting System. 
BeaconCare package includes 24/7 support, discounted non-warranty parts (50% off), and loaner equipment. If the cobot goes down, you get a loaner replacement until we service your system.

Group 37 (1)


We Stand Firmly Behind Our Cobot Solutions. 
3-Year warranty on the plasma cutting power source, and 2-year warranty on everything else, including the UR Cobot.

Group 36 (1)


Our Financing Options Make It Easy To Get Started
We offer a financing option to help you validate and justify the capital investment.

Read our case studies and learn how we 
helped other companies reach their goals

Case study images

Tank Technology Inc. Reduces Plasma Cutting Rework From 25% to 0.

View Case Study

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule a demo

You'll find out if our Cobot Cutter is a good fit for your fabrication tasks. You'll also learn how to use the Beacon app and see how simple it is!

2. Setup your cobot

In 2 weeks, you'll receive your Cobot Cutter and start cutting before the end of the day.

3. Boost productivity

The Cobot Cutter will now take care of your repetitive plasma cutting jobs, while you enjoy scaling your business!

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Want to learn more
about welding cobots?

Learn about insights, best practices, and actionable steps to automate your welding operations with collaborative robots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ROI can Cobot Cutter provide to my shop?

Depending on your production factors, cobots can 2-10X your fabrication productivity. Most shops see 2-4X the production output, saving them significant labor hours and freeing their staff to work manually on tasks that matter the most. Read our case studies to get a better idea of just how powerful cobots can be.

Will the Cobot Cutter improve the cut quality and reduce rework?

Yes! Besides drastically improving your output, the Cobot Cutter will almost eliminate rework. Manual plasma cutting can leave dross, cut away too much material, and make substantial accuracy errors. Our Cobot Cutter does none of that, preventing costly rework and bottlenecks.

Does Cobot Cutter require post-cut work?

Our Cobot Cutter eliminates post-cutting work in the vast majority of cutting applications.

Is the Cobot Cutter a better option than CNC?

CNC plasma cutting is excellent for precision work, but it requires working with CAM/CAD software. Beacon makes our Cobot Cutter easier to set for any part batch than CNC machines and lets you handle geometry that’s not always suitable for CNC. So, for the majority of high-mix/low-volume parts, the Cobot Cutter is a better choice.

Can the Cobot Cutter cut all metals?

Every metal that conducts electricity can be plasma cut, which includes every material typically used in shops. The Cobot Cutter makes the process easier and improves cut quality.

Is Cobot Cutter a good choice for high-mix/low-volume parts?

Yes! Cobots are perfect for small to medium-sized batches. So, if you frequently make batches of 10-500 parts, the Cobot Cutter will make your job far easier.

Can Cobot Cutter handle curved and complex geometry?

You can achieve nearly any cut shape with our Cobot Cutter and the Beacon app. This includes working on curved objects, like tank heads.

What is the reach of the cobot?

Our Cobot Solutions use either the Universal Robots UR10e (51" reach) or the UR20 (68.9" reach). Each joint has full 360º rotations.