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Cloud Tools to Manage

your Cobots

Now available for CB-Series and e-Series Universal Robots!


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Free Cloud Backups for your Cobot

Install our software and plug into our cloud platform before you need it.  So that's there when you need it.
Protect your investment.  Backup your work to the cloud.
  • Automatic, versioned backup of every version of every program stored securely in the cloud.
  • Automatic, continuous collection of log files in the cloud.
  • Automatic backup of other Universal Robot support files (flight reports, calibration files, and more).
  • Restore files to any version.

Getting help should be easy.  And finally it is.
  • Generate unique, secure, and time restricted access to everything required to log a case with your robot distributor or integrator.
  • Securely share files and sample programs with your colleagues or the community.

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Share Support Files

Easily share support files with your team, your distributor or integrator, or even Universal Robots. Even when your cobot is powered off or in another building.  Or a different country!

Your files are continually backed up to the cloud as files are changed, in real time.

You control what you share by generating a unique, time expiring link to your files.  Never again do you need to worry about finding a USB stick, backing up files, uploading large files to a cloud based shared folder.  

MVP Share Log

Restore Any Version,
of Any File

Because every file change is securely saved to the cloud as a new version, you can easily restore any version of any file.

No longer do you need to worry about naming file versions to keep track of your previous work to easily undo.  Work effortlessly and know your work is safe and secure.

MVP Restore File
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Setup is a Breeze

No complicated hardware to purchase or setup. 
Follow the three steps below to get your cobot online!

Image result for pdf iconDownload our Quick Start Guide.

1) Install URCap

Once your cobot is plugged into a network, install the Hirebotics URCap.  The URCap will be emailed to you with your app invite. 

Our URCap will automatically update itself to the latest version and securely check for an existing registration.

URCap - Checking Registration

2) Scan QR Code

Once our URCap securely communicates with the cloud, it will present a time sensitive QR code that can be scanned with the Hirebotics mobile app to register your cobot.

URCap - Registration QR

3) Setup Complete!

Once your cobot is registered with the Hirebotics mobile app, the URCap will automatically show that setup is complete.

Your program files, log files, and other support related files will automatically be synchronized and backed up to the cloud.

URCap - Registered
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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we have answers.

Why do I need this?

Hirebotics' cloud tools synchronize every program/script file changes to the cloud.  No longer do you need to use a USB stick to backup your robot, and keep track of that USB stick.  

And every version is available through the Hirebotics mobile app.  Our software works in the background to make sure you're files are immediately available in the cloud. 

This is really handy when you need to restore a file to a previous version, access your files remotely, troubleshoot an issue where the log files are needed, or sharing files with your distributor, integrator, or Universal Robots support team.

How much does this service cost?

It's free!  All of these capabilities are available to you, for no cost.  In the future, we may release premium capabilities that you can opt in to if you find them useful.  But we'll always offer these capabilities for free. 

Is any special hardware required?

No special hardware or cloud device is needed.  Simply plug in your Universal Robot to your existing network, install our URCap on your cobot, and use the mobile app to securely register your cobot.

Are my files secure?

Always! Files are securely transferred to the cloud and are encrypted at rest.

Who can access my data?

Only you can access your files and you control how you share your files by generating secure links that will auto-expire.

What information are you collecting?

We collect a minimal amount of information about you to get you setup in the mobile app and your cobot to ensure future feature compatibility.   

— First Name
— Last Name
— Email
— Phone Number (for password resets only)
— Polyscope Version
— Robot Serial Number

We do not and will not sell access to you information.  Ever.

Have more questions? Let us know.