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Hirebotics - Who We Are

What if we empowered a company’s existing skilled welders, not robot programmers, to take advantage of robotic welding?

To truly address the skilled welder shortage we need to rethink our entire welding automation approach.

At Hirebotics, we strive to develop new solutions, such as our Cobot Welder, to address this problem by empowering your actual welders to program and work with the welding robot!

In brief, we augment your business with ground-breaking technologies that empower your actual workforce and solve your labor shortage.

How We Help Welding Shops

Discover how we help your welding business

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Solve Your Need of Skilled Welders

Struggling to find and retain skilled welders to meet your current production demands? Many automation solutions exist, but investing in traditional arc welding automation will simply substitute your challenge of hiring and retaining skilled welders with hiring and retaining skilled robot programmers.

Empowering your existing workforce to be part of the solution will keep your existing welders engaged (and employed!) with your organization longer. 

Increase Welding Productivity & Quality

Welding robots can take over monotonous and repetitive weld jobs. They offer consistency and quality welding as they take over the monotonous jobs. This frees your experienced welders for other more critical and value-added tasks.

Welding robot productivity and quality
Quote and accept more welding jobs

Enabling You to Accept More Welding Jobs

The efficiency of welding robots allows your company to be able to accept more jobs. It can also lower your lead time. The quality and the speed of weld jobs are an advertisement in themselves. This can help drive people to your business and give you the bandwidth to accept them.

Our Products


Cobot Welder

Industrial-grade cobot welding with consumer-level ease-of-use at a phenomenal price point!

Our latest welding robot solution uses a Universal Robot cobot and a proprietary smartphone application. Empower your welders to teach the robot without prior robotic knowledge.  

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welding robot BotX


Rental or leasing welding robot solution

Our MIG welding robot co-developed by Red-D-Arc, Airgas, and Air Liquide.  BotX can be rented or leased and includes several table configurations.  Installation, setup, and training are included with every BotX rental.

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Beacon for universal robots collaborative robots


Cloud-based cobot tool that helps all production teams maximize uptime.

Unleash the power of your cobots with Beacon, a free software solution that provides a robust toolset to help you understand how your application is running and gain visibility into issues to proactively support production.

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Let Us Train your Welders on our Cobot Welder

The best way to discover if this welding robot is made for your business!

FREE Training for Your Welders

Frequently Asked Questions about Welding Robots

What are Welding Robots?

As the name connotes, robotic welding is welding automation that uses a welding robot arm to weld. In this type of welding, the robot moves the torch along the joint to weld the pieces together. 

There are two kinds of robotic welding: automatic and semi-automatic.

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Advantages of Welding Robots

There are many advantages to adding a robotic welder to your process. Let's discuss the few important ones here.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Constant Quality
  • Reduced Waste and Consumables
  • Solves Welder Shortage

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Limitations of Welding Robots
Although welding robots have a lot of advantages, they have their limitations. Let's take a look at a couple of these.
  • Requires Programming and Training
  • Needs a Considerable Investment to Start
  • May require a redesign of your plant floor

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Can we weld with a collaborative robot?

Not only we can, but it brings great advantages for medium to small welding operations.

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