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Struggling to meet the demand?

  • Skilled labor shortage is affecting everyone today.
  • Unfortunately, this problem won’t be solved anytime soon.
  • At the same time, demand for exceptional quality fabrication is growing by the day.
  • The backlogs are growing, and so is the overtime for metal workers.

As older generations retire and fewer young people enter the trades, manufacturers have to adapt.

Our Cobots, powered by , are the 
solution you need. Give your team the tools 
they need to scale their output.

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“Since implementing the cobot, we have been able to take hundreds more parts in a much quicker timeframe than our previous robots. We have had fewer overtime hours with hand welding as we have been able to assign more jobs to Cobot Welder. We’ve increased our profits just by cutting out on overtime.”
- Ryan Lockhard at Vortex Companies

Cobots powered by bring immediate
results, solving problems you face today

Beacon Provides The Best User-Friendly Cobot Experience on the Market
Our Cobot Solutions are Powered by Beacon, a ground-breaking cloud-based software
solution. Beacon runs on a smartphone and lets your metal workers set the weld/cut
parameters in minutes. It’s intuitive and speaks the shop’s language, not lines of code.

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Empower the Metal Workers You Already Have

Your cutting, fitting, and welding team move the needle of your business. Cobots can help them drastically improve productivity by focusing on what matters the most — production, not programming.

Beacon makes cobot programming a breeze, allowing every member of your team to program the cobot by themselves. Beacon empowers metal workers, helping them scale their talents like never before.

“The training was extremely simple, and the cobot operation was easy to learn. It was fun, actually. Cobot Welder was very self explanatory. Monotonous tasks are diverted to the cobot so that manual welders can be devoted to larger, more complex projects. It takes the weight off our team.”

- Power Glover, Vortex Companies

Ready For Production In Minutes, Not Hours

Our cobot solutions, powered by Beacon, have the fastest setup times on the market, allowing you to quickly teach the cobot a new welding/cutting sequence. That’s what makes automated small-batch production so efficient.

A new order came in today? Your operator can have the cobot producing in minutes, not hours or days. Need to do 10 fillet welds, 50 butt welds, and 15 cuts in different batches? Beacon and our cobots will let you jump batch-to-batch all day long.

“With Cobot Welder, it takes 5-10 minutes to set everything up. Traditional robot programming can take one to two hours. It’s far easier getting new parts started on them. You can flip parts within 10 to 20 minutes. Cobot Welders run longer with hardly and downtimes.”

- Matt Blowers, IMS

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More Productivity. More Quality. More Customers.

The cobot efficiency and welding/cutting accuracy let you skyrocket productivity AND reduce rework due to human error. That’s a win win like no other. The cobot production quality and speed are an advertisement in themselves.

Our cobots can help you get more business and give you the capacity to handle it. Keep your production costs low without compromising quality

“On the productivity side, we saw a reduction in cycle time from 3 minutes to 11 seconds on the majority of our heads as well as adding products to plasma cutting we didn’t even think we could.”

- Dan Church, Tank Technology Inc.

Cobot solutions for metal fabrication ‒
powered by Beacon

With 600+ Beacon Powered Systems Deployed, our products 
are transforming the Metal Fabrication industry!

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Beacon App

No more programming. Power your cobots with Beacon

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Cobot Welder

Welding Cobot Made For Welders


Cobot Cutter

Plasma Cutting Cobot For Fabricators

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ESAB Cobot

Higher Productivity With Advanced Welding Features

Read our case studies and learn how we 
helped other companies reach their goals

Case study tank technology inc

How Tank Technologies Reduced Plasma Cutting Cycle Time by 94% with the Cobot Cutter

Deangelo case study hirebotics

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Inc. experiences 10X production boost...

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Vortex Companies reduces overtime hours & increases profits


Safeguarding your cobot investment 
for maximum uptime

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Full Coverage Of Your Cobot System.
Never Be Down For Weeks Again.

With BeaconCare, inspired from AppleCare, get 24/7 support, discounted non-warranty repairs (50% off), and loaner equipment. Until your cobot is up and running, you’ll get a loaner replacement to keep your team producing.

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Experience ROI Right Away.

Our Try-Before-You-Buy
program requires only a 2-month minimum
commitment, includes on-site training (min. 4-month commitment), and lets you use 50% of rental fees for purchase later on (up to 6 months). You can rent Miller and ESAB systems with a UR10e or a larger UR20 cobot.

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Universal Robots Cobots 
Are Industrial Robots

With 600+ systems deployed in welding and cutting environments, our cobot solutions are sophisticated on the inside but made to last in shop conditions.

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We Back Our Cobot Systems With a Strong Warranty.

Get a 3-Year warranty on application equipment like welding or plasma cutting units. Everything else, including the Universal Robots cobot, is covered by a 2-Year warranty

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We Offer Financing Options To Help You Get Started.

Besides our Try-Before-You-Buy Program, we have a financing option to help you take your fabrication to the next level with our cobots.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Schedule a demo

You’ll find out if our Cobot Solutions are a good fit for your fabrication tasks. You’ll also learn how to use the Beacon app and see how simple it is!

2. Setup your cobot

In 2 weeks, you’ll receive your Cobot system and start producing parts before the end of the day.

3. Boost productivity

Our Cobots will now take care of your repetitive welding/cutting tasks, while you get to enjoy seeing your business grow!

Take Your Fabrication To The Next Level

At Hirebotics, we know you want to scale your business, improve production quality, and avoid the dreaded backlog. To do that, you need to either hire new talent or scale the output of your existing staff.

It's harder than ever to find skilled fabricators and metal workers. But, even if you do, retaining them is another entirely different thing. Unfortunately, this leaves you overworked, backlogged, and unable to scale.

We believe the key to moving forward is equipping your existing employees with the tools that increase their output, not just relying on new talent. If your team used a hand file to bevel the welding joints instead of an angle grinder, you'd be neck-deep in backlogs. So, it's the tool that makes the difference when put in the right hands — your fabricator's hands.

Automation is the future. But this future includes welders and other metal workers. They don't need to be robotics experts or programmers to automate and improve their and your productivity.

Democratizing automation and making it accessible is the goal. This is what we do. This is what we believe. Each and every one of your metal workers can learn to use our cobots in hours, not days.

How to start? Simply schedule a demo with our team.

You can stop losing time, contracts, and looking for fabricators to hire and instead use the team you already have to keep growing your business.

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about welding cobots?

Learn about insights, best practices, and actionable steps to automate your welding operations with collaborative robots.

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