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Getting Started Guide

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1) Pre-Installation Checklist

Before getting started, be sure your cobot meets the minimum Polyscope requirements and you have signed up for access. This steps confirms you're setup for success!

2) Connect Your Cobot to a Network

A proper internet connection for your cobot is required to take advantage of the Beacon. This steps walks you through that process.

3) Installation of the URCap

This steps walks you through installing the URCap on your cobot.  In the event that you need to remove the URCap, we walk you through that process here too.

4) Accept Invite to Mobile App

This step walks you through accepting the invite to the mobile app for the first time.

5) Register Your Cobot

Securely register your cobot and your files begin to automatically synchronize to the cloud.  We'll walk you through that step here.

6) Enjoy Beacon!

We love to get feedback.  Make the most of Beacon and let us know what you think!

Pre-Installation Checklist

Before we get started, it's important you your cobot meets the minimum Polyscope requirements and you have signed up for access.

Universal Robots Polyscope Requirements

  • Hirebotics cloud tools work with both CB-Series (UR3, UR5, UR10) cobots as well as e-Series (UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, and UR16e).
  • Those with CB-Series cobots, the minimum required version of Polyscope is 3.7.  All versions of Polyscope 5.x are supported on e-Series cobots.
  • If you have a CB-Series with a version of Polyscope older than 3.7, we highly encourage you to update your cobot.  More information can be found on Universal Robots' support site.

App Access

You should have received an email with a link to download the URCap, a link to download the Hirebotics mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and a link to the Quick Start Guide.  

Connect Your Cobot to a Network

Beacon requires internet access to work.  And fortunately, Universal Robots make it really easy to connect your robot to a network.  All Universal Robots come with an ethernet port on the robot controller.  On a CB-Series, the network port is on the bottom of the control cabinet.  On an e-Series, the network port is located inside the control cabinet.

Plug in an ethernet cable to your cobot, with the other end plug into a switch, router, wall plug, or hotspot.  

Within Polyscope, go to the installation settings and setup networking.  If your networking is properly configured, you will see " Network is connected" as shown below.

DHCP Setup (easiest):

Beacon - DHCP

Static IP (more difficult):

When selecting Static IP networking, be sure to set an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and (at least) a preferred DNS server.

Beacon - Static IP Setup

Disabled Networking:

You must have networking enabled to take advantage of Beacon.  If your networking setup shows a disabled network (as shown below) refer to the instructions above for configuring DHCP or a static IP address.

Beacon - Disabled Network


Installation of the URCap

Download our URCap here.

Once the URCap is downloaded, move the downloaded file (the file is named hbcloud.urcap) to a USB thumb drive.  Insert the thumb drive into the USB slot on the top-right (e-Series) or right-side (CB-Series) of the teach pendant.

Install URCap:

Navigate the URCaps under System of the installation tab.  Click the + and select the URCap file from the thumb drive.

Beacon - Install URCap

Once the URCap is installed, you will be prompted to restart your cobot.  To confirm that the URCap is properly installed, head back to the URCaps section of the installation screen and verify Hirebotics is listed under the Active URCaps section, as shown below.

Beacon - Installed


Accept Invite to Mobile App

Now that the URCap is installed on your cobot and the URCap is showing a QR code for registration, it's time to accept the invite to the mobile and and sign in.

If you haven't already done so, download the Hirebotics app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Accept your invite to the mobile app by touching Accept Invite.  

Tap Accept Invite

Then, on the following screen, enter a mobile phone number (with country code, United States is the default), your email address, and set a password.  Once you have a valid phone number, email address, and password, the Accept Invite button will illuminate blue.  You will be texted a 6-digit confirmation code to enter on the next screen.

Accept Invite


Register Your Cobot

To register your cobot, go to the installation tab of your cobot and select Beacon.  Our URCap will check for an existing register, download any updates, and transition to a QR code to be scanned by the mobile app.

Beacon - Checking Registration

Beacon - Register Machine

When you first logged in to the mobile app, you may have noticed a screen popped displaying your back camera.  Use your phone's camera to "scan" the QR code displayed in the URCap.  Once you have a valid scan, the screen will transition to a registration screen asking you to assign a name to your cobot.  Press the Register Machine button to complete this step!  Once completed, you'll notice the URCap will transition to a success screen.  See the short video below.

Register Machine


Enjoy Beacon!

With your cobot registered, your critical files will begin syncing to the cloud immediately and your cobot home screen in the mobile app will display real-time status of your cobot.  It is important to leave your cobot online so that updated log files and program files changes are backed up and versioned.  You never know when you'll need to access these critical assets!

Read more about sharing support related files on our blog and be sure to subscribe for regular updates.

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