Made for Welders

Cobot Welder

A welding cobot using a smartphone app that your welders can learn and use from day one!

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Why Made for Welders Matter

Empowering your existing workforce to be part of the solution will keep your existing welders engaged (and employed!) with your organization longer.

Welders care about torch angles and weld settings, not TCPs and coordinate systems.
Traditional automation cells are not suited for your high-mix and low-volume productions.
Investing in traditional arc welding automation will simply substitute your challenge of hiring and retaining skilled welders with skilled robot programmers.

Easiest Cobot Teaching

No robotic jargon or programming knowledge is needed. Teach your welds all through your phone or tablet app!


Weld Any Material

Our clients have successfully welded steel alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. We guide you through the right weld settings to get a perfect weld everytime!



Automate Any Manual Process

Successfully make TIG-quality welds, and improve your manual Stick, and MIG output!


Fast Shipping

Your industrial-grade welding cobot will be shipped within 2 weeks.


Maximize Production

Get real-time data and instant notifications to monitor throughput and operational efficiency.



Instant Support

Our average response time is 2 minutes and directly through our cloud-based app!

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Cobot Welder Versions


Cobot Welder UR10e Version

The OG Cobot Welder for standard parts.
It offers a reach of 51".

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Cobot Welder UR20 Version

More reach for larger parts or multiple parts setups. It offers a reach of 68.9" and comes with a 5'x10' table.

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We Are Welders Too!

We know what it feels like to lack the workforce you need to achieve your business goals. This is why we believe in empowering the welders you already have on your team.

We are welders too, so we understand how robot programming can be a challenge for your team. This is why our proprietary smartphone app for the Cobot Welder is a game-changer.

By empowering your welders to teach your welding cobot, they can oversee the setup and production quality and produce more while working on other value-added tasks!

Bringing in the cobots (Cobot Welders) and get them up and running, it actually increased our output 400%.

Mark Moye
Advanta Southeast

With the Cobot Welders, we have actually had welders come and run the cobots and they have been able to learn to program it in half an hour.

Matt Blowers

Beyond expectation, it was actually easier than what we were told it was going to be.

Mark Richards
Alphidia LLC
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What is included in the Cobot Welder Package?

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  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
    (51" reach) OR the UR20 (68.9" reach)
  • Miller Cobot Welding Package, including an Invision 352 MPa pulsed welder and S74 feeder
  • Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun
  • Hirebotics' Smart Puck for software-free teaching
  • Siegmund 48" x 32" welding cart (size options)
    UR20 version comes with a 5'x10' table
  • Operator panel with emergency stop for quick program start

Case Studies

“The main difference between Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder and traditional welding robots is that no programming is required. And the difference between Cobot Welder and manual welding is you can track everything from the app."

Mark Moye Advanta Southeast LLC

“We had welders learn how to use Cobot Welder in about half an hour. Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder has allowed us to let non-welders operate the machine. They don’t need to learn the programming language, and they don’t need to go to a school.” 

Matt Blowers Industrial Manufacturing Services - IMS

“There is a huge labor shortage for qualified welders in Labour shortage in Central Kansas. Using traditional robots was not going to work as this type of equipment still required welders’ on hand to supervise and drive the process completely.”

Thomas Cook Production Manager at Vortex Companies

“The cobot and app setups have allowed us to hire and train inexperienced operators who don’t have any formal welding knowledge. We haven’t removed any manual welding jobs—in fact, (...) we were able to keep up with demand.”

Kyle Naylor AWS CWI / Weld Supervisor at Athena Manufacturing

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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You'll find out if the Cobot Welder is a good fit for your fabrication business.

You'll also learn how to use the Cobot Welder app and how simple it is!

Setup your Cobot Welder

In 2 weeks, you'll receive your Cobot Welder and start welding before the end of the day.

Boost Productivity

The Cobot Welder will now take care of your repetitive welding jobs and enjoy seeing your business grow!

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Cobot Welder FAQ

Will Cobot Welder weld my parts?

It depends on numerous factors including the type of material, type of welding, part size, and more.  The best way to know for sure is to reach out to us for a demo so we can best assess your application needs.

Can I weld aluminum with the Cobot Welder?

Yes, you can! Just like you would MIG weld aluminum manually, with a few settings and accessory adjustments and you can produce high-quality aluminum welds. See more information here.

What is the reach of the cobot?

Cobot Welder uses either the Universal Robots UR10e (51" reach) or the UR20 (68.9" reach). Each joint has full 360º rotations.

How fast can I weld with a cobot?

The maximum speed of the cobot is approximately 1 meter per second.  However, the Cobot Welder utilizes the built-in safety controller of the Universal Robots UR10e to limit the maximum speed during welding to approximately 110 inches per minute.

If you need to weld faster, reach out so we can understand your needs a bit more.

What is a welding cobot?

Generally, a welding cobot is a collaborative robot used to automate welding processes. The system includes a table, the collaborative robotic arm, the welding power source, and a torch, plus any teaching device required to easily perform high-quality welds on a variety of workpieces.

What is the lead time to get a Cobot Welder?

Generally, our lead time is approximately 2 weeks from receiving your PO.  Reach out to us at any time about our current lead time if you need a system sooner!

Can I replace manual TIG welding with the Cobot Welder?

Indeed! We have a great article explaining how one of our clients got TIG-quality welds with the Cobot Welder. 

They were able to speed their TIG welding speed from 2 to 5 inches a minute up to 20 inches a minute! 😲🤯 

This marked increase in speed enabled them to clear its daunting backlog in just a few weeks!

Learn more about their experience here!

What do I need to know about safety when cobot welding?

While cobots have numerous safety features built-in and do not require safety cages like traditional automation, there are some important safety items to keep in mind when cobot welding.

Most importantly and just like manual welding, your welders need proper PPE.  You'll also want to make sure you protect your welders with arc flash protection like you do for your manual weld stations.  And don't forget fume extraction.  

Do I need touch sensing or seam tracking with the Cobot Welder?

One of the main reasons manufacturers are looking to use welding cobots is their 𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒔𝒆𝒕𝒖𝒑 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒈𝒓𝒂𝒎𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒈, so adding complexity with weld seam tracking systems may be counterproductive.

With a good fixture design or repeatable jigs, you can remove the need for adding complex technologies to your weld cells.


Want to learn more about welding cobots?

Learn about insights, best practices, and actionable steps to automate your welding operations with collaborative robots.
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