BotX Installation Checklist

Space for cell

We recommend a 10'x10' space for the BotX

Power for welder

3 Phase, 230 - 575V, 30A at 480V
Customer to provide and install appropriate plug on welder for receptacles and voltage in the facility

Power for robot

110V, 15A, 2 outlets

Portable weld curtains

Weld curtains large enough to enclose the 10'x10' area

Fume extraction

Portable or fixed fume extraction

Hardwired ethernet drop

In order to support and monitor our robots through the cloud we require an internet connection over ethernet. Our system requires outbound access only and does not need to have inbound connections. For more details or a further discussion please let us know and we can coordinate.

Mobile device such as phone or tablet

Hirebotics mobile app supports both iOS and Android