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Introducing BotX


Meet the new hire

Without any capital investment, hire a skilled robotic welder to augment your existing workforce. And when you no longer need the extra labor, fire the robot!

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Meet the new hire

No programming.
No joke!

Teach your new employee with the Hirebotics mobile app. Using your existing mobile
device, configure the BotX to weld complex parts in minutes.

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No programming robotics

Weld capabilities by international welding experts

The Hirebotics mobile app guides you through your weld setup. You show the robot where it needs to weld, and the cloud-based welding library adjusts the kinematics of the robot arm to get the optimal weld.

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Weld Library

Industry leading service and support

We're in this together. Onsite support and training as well as 24/7 virtual support through the Hirebotics mobile app. We've got you covered!

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24/7 Support

The best of the best

Deep expertise comes together to bring you the very best (and only!) for-hire welding solution.

Air Liquide
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Red-D-Arc Welderentals™, an Airgas company, rents and leases welders, welding positioners, welding-related equipment, and electric power generators - anywhere in the world. The company's rental welders, positioners and specialty products have been engineered and built to provide Extreme-Duty™ performance and reliability in even the harshest environments, and are available through over 70 Red-D-Arc Service Centers globally.

The BotX is based on Hirebotics' pioneering and unique business model of hiring (and firing) a robot as your business needs change.  Scale up and down rapidly to meet your needs.

Its software platform enables the rapid setup of a collaborative robot, remote monitoring and support, real-time data and analytics, and regular updates through the cloud. 


Internationally recognized welding experts from Air Liquide have developed and refined a weld library optimized for the BotX system.  Thousands of hours have been invested meticulously tuning not only weld parameters but also proper travel speeds, torch angles for a variety of common materials, weld joints, and wire types.  


Air Liquide

Simple Pricing, No Surprises


per week, flat rate
Single table weld system.

Everything in the 36-month plan, but without the long term commitment

  • Convert your month-to-month rental to a 36-month commitment at any time
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+$100 per week for a two-table system

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Single table weld system

Everything in the month-to-month plan, without the monthly expense

  • Try the BotX on a month-to-month rental and convert your rental into a purchase
  • Annual software license required
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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we have answers.

How will the BotX help me solve my labor shortfall?

The BotX is designed to augment your existing welders. Instead of continuing to search for additional skilled welders to increase your production, you can hire the BotX to be taught routine parts by your existing workforce. This frees up your existing workforce to focus on higher value tasks such as inspection, specialty jobs, or supervising several BotX!

Once your existing skilled welders have taught the BotX its task, any operator can tend to the BotX and it performs highly accurate, repeatable welds.

What can I expect in terms of productivity improvements with the BotX?

Although the weld library included with the BotX is optimized to weld faster than a skilled welder, your overall output can depend on many factors. The biggest productivity improvement you should expect is that your skilled welders can continue to do what they do best, and a non-welder operator can tend to the BotX.


Will the BotX weld my parts?

The BotX includes a 4’ x 4’ precision machined table for fixturing parts. Although not required, you’ll want to find parts that fit on the table and can easily and quickly be loaded for the BotX.

The weld library has been designed around mild steel and stainless steel (capabilities for aluminum will be released in the future). In the event you want more control or have special requirements, you have full control over all weld parameters in the mobile app.

Still unsure, drop us a line and we’ll help determine if the BotX has a career opportunity with you!

How can I take advantage of a second weld table?

A secondary weld table can be attached to the primary table so that the BotX can reach both tables, giving the systems an effective 8’ x 4’ table to work on. This can be a valuable addition to the system so that your operator and the BotX have separate areas to work and load. Contact us to learn more and get pricing for a second table.

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BotX - your skilled robotic welder, for-hire

Common Base 1 Table System

BotX with 4' x 4' Table

Common Base 2 Table System

BotX with 4' x 8' Table

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