Hear How the Cobot Welder Helps Them to
Accept More Welding Jobs WITHOUT Hiring More Welders

The welding robot made for welders | Industrial-grade cobot welding with consumer-level ease-of-use at a phenomenal price point!

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What if we empowered a company’s existing skilled welders, not robot programmers, to take advantage of robotic welding?

To truly address the skilled welder shortage we need to rethink our entire approach. 

At Hirebotics, we strive to develop new solutions, such as our Cobot Welder, to address this problem by empowering your actual welders to program and work with the welding robot!

In brief, we augment your business with ground-breaking technologies that empower your actual workforce and solve your labor shortage.

solve your need of skilled welders

Solve Your Need of Skilled Welders

Increase productivity & Quality

Increase Welding Productivity & Quality

accept more welding jobs

Enabling You to Accept More Welding Jobs