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A plasma cutting cobot using a smartphone app that your welders can learn and use from day one!
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Why Plasma Cutting with A Cobot?

The ongoing labor shortage in the fabrication industry continues to result in production backlogs, delays, and capacity issues.

Your XY plasma cutter is unable to handle larger parts or perform small cutting jobs on those bigger parts.

Now, the consistent work quality and precision of cobots are being integrated into plasma cutting, creating yet another efficient application in fabrication.

Enjoy cleaner plasma cuts and reduce the need for rework or deburring, enhancing overall efficiency and quality.

Industry-First Plasma Cutting Cobot Programmed with Your Phone or Tablet

Ditch the robotic jargon, complexities, and even the robot teach pendant. Our intuitive app allows your fabricator to teach the Cobot Cutter without programming knowledge.

They simply enter the cut parameters and teach the welds with both hands on the robot, thanks to our Smart Puck.

Plasma Cutting has never been this simple.

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Easiest Cobot Teaching

No robotic jargon or programming knowledge is needed. Teach your cuts all through your phone or tablet app!


Plasma Cut Many Materials

Cobot Cutter cuts steel alloys, aluminum, stainless steel. We guide you through the right cut settings to get a perfect cut everytime!



Fast Shipping

Your industrial-grade palsma cutting cobot will be shipped within 2 weeks.


Maximize Production

Get real-time data and instant notifications to monitor throughput and operational efficiency.



Instant Support

Our average response time is 2 minutes and directly through our cloud-based app!

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Discover the Cobot Welder by Hirebotics

Let Dan give you an overview of the Cobot Welder and show you how you can teach it and weld in a matter of hours!

What is included in the Cobot Cutter Package?



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  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
    (51" reach) OR the UR20 (68.9" reach)
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
  • Hirebotics' Smart Puck for software-free teaching
  • Siegmund 48" x 32" welding cart (size options)
  • Operator panel with emergency stop for quick program start

We Are Fabricators Too!

We know what it feels like to lack the workforce you need to achieve your business goals. This is why we believe in empowering the fabricators you already have on your team.

We understand how robot programming can be a challenge for your team. This is why our proprietary smartphone app for the Cobot Cutter is a game-changer.

By empowering your fabricators to teach your plasma cutting cobot, they can oversee the setup and production quality and produce more while working on other value-added tasks!

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Case Studies

“The main difference between Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder and traditional welding robots is that no programming is required. And the difference between Cobot Welder and manual welding is you can track everything from the app."

Mark Moye Advanta Southeast LLC

“We had welders learn how to use Cobot Welder in about half an hour. Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder has allowed us to let non-welders operate the machine. They don’t need to learn the programming language, and they don’t need to go to a school.” 

Matt Blowers Industrial Manufacturing Services - IMS

“There is a huge labor shortage for qualified welders in Labour shortage in Central Kansas. Using traditional robots was not going to work as this type of equipment still required welders’ on hand to supervise and drive the process completely.”

Thomas Cook Production Manager at Vortex Companies

“The cobot and app setups have allowed us to hire and train inexperienced operators who don’t have any formal welding knowledge. We haven’t removed any manual welding jobs—in fact, (...) we were able to keep up with demand.”

Kyle Naylor AWS CWI / Weld Supervisor at Athena Manufacturing

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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You'll find out if the Cobot Cutter is a good fit for your fabrication business.

You'll also learn how to use the Cobot Cutter app and how simple it is!

Setup your Cobot Cutter

In 2 weeks, you'll receive your Cobot Cutter and start cutting before the end of the day.

Boost Productivity

The Cobot Cutter will now take care of your repetitive plasma cutting jobs, and enjoy seeing your business grow!

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